Zhoushuizi Street actively promotes supervision on the personnel transition work

Recently, Zhang Lianjun, vice chairman of Ganjingzi District Committee of CPPCC, came to Zhoushuizi Street to supervise the personnel transition work. Main leaders of the street reported the re-election progress of Ganjingzi District People’s Congress and Ganjingzi District Committee of CPPCC, receiving full affirmation of Zhang Lianjun.

In the transition work, Zhoushuizi Street conducted well organization, clarified tasks, implemented responsibilities and made solid progress in strict accordance with relevant requirements. The Street fully solicited opinions before recommending representatives and members, gave training to related staff and set up a working group for clarifying responsibilities. Staff of the working group carried out the work in strict accordance with schedules. “Four musts” review on preliminary recommended candidates for the NPC members, opinion collection and investigation have been finished so far. “Four musts” review on recommended candidates nominated by members has also been completed.

Zhang Lianjun raised three requirements. The first is to fully implement policies of transition, strictly keep disciplines to ensure the upright and clean election environment. The second is to strictly observe the schedule of transition work and steadily promote all the work in an orderly manner. The third is to foster a good atmosphere of public opinions to make sure the success of transition work.