The compilation of National Healthy Hot Springs Tourism starts in Jinpu New Area

On the morning of October 31, China Hot Springs Tourism Association held national working conference at Jinshitan Tangfeng Hot Spring Guild Hall. In the next two days, based on the current situation as well as the future trend, specialists across China will refer to the investigation of hot springs in Jinpu New Area and conduct the compilation of National Healthy Hot Springs Tourism.

Hot spring is a new tourism orientation in China on leisure vocation. Currently, China has seen upgrading in hot spring products and diversification in business model. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed the “healthy China” strategy, which brought new opportunities to the hot spring industry. At the moment, China Hot Springs Tourism Association started the compilation of National Healthy Hot Springs Tourism. At main drafting entities, excellent hot spring and rehabilitation institutions in Liaoning Province were required to complete the work. After sufficient investigation and argument, the conference was held in Jinpu New Area.

During the conference, specialists will carry out deep researches and discussions on definition, application range, main content, structure and layout of National Healthy Hot Springs Tourism in accordance with the plan and outline. At the same time, they will investigate representative companies, such as Tangfeng Hot Spring and Luneng Yitang Hot Spring, aiming to collect detailed, accurate and object evidences and make sure industrial realities and market demands can be met.

Tangfeng Hot Spring Guild Hall is one of the important tourism programs of Jinma Group, the health care for the elderly of which is its new industry. The compilation not only provides theoretical and standardized guidance for industry integration, but also makes a difference to sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the hot spring industry.