2017 grass-root tour of moral models’ meritorious deeds comes to Jiaojinshan

On the afternoon of October 24, the grass-root tour of moral exemplars’ meritorious deeds was held in the hall of Jiaojinshan street. The tour, organized by publicity department of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Civilization Office and Municipal Literary Federation and performed by Dalian Quyi Artists Association and Dalian Xiaozhangshi Crosstalk Club, presented the deeds and achievements of moral models in 2017 to audience in an easily understood manner vividly illustrated the connotation of core socialist values, and treated over 50 volunteers within the district with a wonderful cultural feast.

The tour started with the allegro of Welcoming the 19th  National Congress of CPC by Xiaozhangshi Crosstalk Club. The program of True Love in Raging Fire vividly told the meritorious, moving and weepy deeds of Dalian warm-hearted person who saved an old man in a fire. The show with novel programs and in various forms won bursts of applauses from audience and pushed the show to a new high.

2017 grass-root tour of moral models’ meritorious deeds brought the helpful, brave, honest and dedicated conducts of moral models to people, thus publicizing the noble spirit and positive energy, guiding people to learn from, worship and strive to be moral models, sticking to the main theme of socialist core values and providing spiritual strength and strong moral support for the construction of Jiaojinshan street.