Enterprises in Zhoushuizi Street seek a win-win situation

In order to further optimize the business environment, provide enterprises with sustained full-service and achieve the annual economic indicators, the main leaders of Zhoushuizi Street led the relevant departments to visit Wanda Plaza in Ganjingzi Diatrict, China Resources Dalian Aode Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other enterprises. The street leaders had a deep understanding of the enterprise operation, helped them solve the practical problems encountered in the development and jointly planed for the economic development of the Street with them. As for the service work, the Street leaders emphasized that the related departments should focus on enterprises’ needs and solve their difficulties as soon as possible. In view of the problems like drainage, transportation, parking lots, and advertising plaques existing in China Resources and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the relevant departments of the Street carried out an on-the-spot work. In view of the environmental problems in the surrounding area of Ganjingzi Wanda Plaza, the Street had jointly dealt with the problems with the related departments. In addition, the Zhoushuizi Street had coordinated with the property company to solve the parking problems of Didi Club. The Street substantially solved the problems faced by the enterprises, narrowing the distance between enterprises and the Street.

At present, the economic development of Zhoushuizi Street has entered into an sprint stage, where the government and enterprises will work together to promote a sustained and healthy development of the whole street economy.