53 elder persons in Xinzhaizi Street eat the first “love lunch”

In recent days, 53 elder persons, including persons from special population control families, persons aged over 90 years old but living alone, and the disabled in Xinzhaizi Street ate the free “love lunch” at the Double Ninth Festival. This was a gift for the elders given by the office of the street party working committee, which received compliments from the elders and marked that the “love lunch” project of Xinzhaizi Street officially started.

It’s learned that social workers found in daily community visiting that some elder, living-alone, sick and disabled persons had problems in having lunch, especially some old but living-alone persons and the disabled. The office of the street party working committee actively played the leading role of government, fully made use of social resources to provide socialized service to the special group and took the “love lunch” as the key people-benefit project in accordance with “holding the bottom line and guaranteeing the basics” principle of social assistance and the concept of charity serving the people’s livelihood. After a period of practice and research, in 2017, the sub-district office released the Embodiment of Love Lunch People’s Livelihood Project Government Buying Service Subsidies Distribution. In order to promote the “love lunch” project, efforts should be made to insist the principle of combining the leading role of government and social power participation, stick to the integration of government buying service and marketization operation and abide by the voluntary principle of all services, thus providing thoughtful, convenient, efficient and considerate services to the special group.

To ensure elder people having safe lunch, the street established a leading group of qualification inspection and management, composed of leaders of the street, civil affairs department, food safety station, police station, market supervision as well as leaders of all communities, screening, estimating and assessing the 5 lunch suppliers, including Jinjufu and Kangzaichu based on the specificity and safety of old persons’ food. Finally, the leading group signed a contract with Dalian Kangzaichu Catering Co., Ltd. and regularized the tableware and delivery time. The supplier will provide 10 to 15 nutrition-balanced set meals to satisfy the old persons’ taste so as to ensure the thoughtful and considerate services for the elders.

In the next step, the street will establish “love table” in villages and communities taking advantage of the promotion of old persons service stations so as to truly and widely benefit the special group by integrating government buying service and socialization operation. The street will also build new serving mode of community diversity to comprehensively improve the happiness index of the old persons and the disabled from such aspects, including repast, health, culture and entertainment.