Jinpu New Area implements electronic business registration before the end of this month

All the procedures will be finished online and applicants will go to the office once at most.

The New Area deeply reforms the business system and builds a better business environment. Yesterday, from the market supervision bureau of the public administration service center, reporters learned that the New Area will fully implement electronic business registration before the end of this month and form the new registration service mode of combining window and online registration and functions. As a result, people will have free choices after the reform of “one certificate replacing many ones” and “26 certificates replaced by one” and “one code for one certificate” started from October 1. The reform changed the previous situation where applicants had to queue up for registration, application and approval, and went to the center for many times for relevant information and certificates. After the reform, applicants will only go to the center once with all the procedures to be finished online.

It’s learned that electronic business registration means that every link, including registration, application, acceptance, approval, licensing and publicity, will be finished through the online electronic data exchange. Applicants can finish such procedures as business name inquiry, user registration, online signature and application submission in the form of the electronic document by logging in “http://www.lngs.gov.cn” and “http://wsdj.lngs.gov.cn". Applicants needn’t go to the registration window any more to submit paper application materials, and get the business licenses at the window after approval. If paper licenses are mailed or not needed, applicants even don’t need to go to the center.

The electronic business registration is applicable to enterprises, individual businesses and farmers’ specialized cooperatives, and is not applicable to the market entities that involve pre-approval matters in the business operating scope. After implementing electronic business registration, time and space restriction will be effectively broken. 8-hour workday has been extended to full time and traditional registration window has been branched out into virtual network. Applicants can keep indoors to do registration anywhere and anytime, thus significantly shortening time period, reducing the cost of enterprise establishment, saving government spending and improving administration approval effectiveness.

Electronic system will also leave trace on data generated by “user registration” and “archived certificates” to ensure traceable and searchable documents. All data in accordance with the law, including original electronic application materials, electronic checklists and related database documents and pictures, are assembled into electronic files based on the principles of “one file for one business” and “several sheets for one file” so as to ensure the reality, reliability, integrity and availability of electronic files as well as their same legal force with paper files.