2017 volleyball match of district organs successfully concludes

In order to celebrate the victory of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and activate cultural life of the district organs, the working committee of the district organs and the culture and sports bureau jointly organized the 2017 Ganjingzi volleyball match of the district organs. On the afternoon of November 2, the volleyball match concluded successfully at the gymnasium of District Experimental Primary School. The main leaders of the working committee of the district organs and the culture and sports bureau attended the ceremony and presented awards to the winning teams.

154 players of 14 teams participating in this match were from 20 entities of the district organs. After30 fierce competitions in five and a half days, the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau team won the championship, the District Bureau of Agriculture and Ocean team won the runner-up, and teams of District Court, District Office of Law Enforcement, District Procuratorate, District Party Committee Wing, District Administrative Service Center and District Bureau of Economy and Information ranked third to eighth respectively.

Players sweated in the game and played hard. Each pass condensed wisdom and unity, each catch showed the fighting spirit of cadres, and every attack and defense won applause of spectators. This volleyball match not only demonstrated players’ level, but also promoted their friendship. It also enhanced physical fitness of cadres and workers of the district authorities, strengthened the sense of teamwork and fully developed the spirit of unity, progressiveness and hard work in order to promote the building of a modern and international city.