The Eighth Sports Games of Zhongshan District has Successfully Concluded

The eighth sports games of Zhongshan District has successfully concluded in locomotive stadium this morning. The games, which lasted for 190 days, begun to accept registration since March 16th 2017, and officially started in citizen fitness center of Zhongshan District in March 21st.

The district Party committee and government have given high priority to the games. According to the requirements of the Programme on Organizing the Eighth Zhongshan Games, the District Bureau of Culture and Sports has actively promoted the games with high standards in order to create the "Healthy Zhongshan" brand in conformity with the principle of "Warm, United, Safe and Thrifty", thus meeting diversified sports and cultural demands of different people, and preliminarily shaping the "healthy Zhongshan" atmosphere. In addition, the games has also shown the achievements made in implementing national fitness program and co-construction and sharing. It has also added strength to Zhongshan District to strive for the pioneer in the construction of advanced district. The Sports game has achieved success in both sport performance and spiritual civilization.

There were 13 major items with a total of 192 events, including football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, air volleyball, gateball, chess, martial arts, and swimming. With a total of 180 thousand athletes, including people from 20 entities in the communities and citizens participated in the game. There were 56 representative teams, 395 sports teams and 4214 athletes from all systems that participated in 1581 events, with an average of two games held per month. The participants ranged in age from 10 to 65.