Xiao Shengfeng inspected the urban forest fire prevention work

On October 5th, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng paid a special inspection on the urban forest fire prevention and extended his regards to the firefighters still on duty during the holiday. He stressed that it is of vital importance to conduct the due forest fire prevention, especially during the National Day and Mid-autumn Festival as well as the impending 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China. The relating regions and departments need to be fully acquainted with the gravity of current situation of forest fire prevention and the arduousness of fire prevention tasks, to defend the responsibility field and main front with the strong sense of responsibility and crisis and to strengthen the forest fire prevention net. The municipal secretary-general, Luo Dongsheng took part in the inspection.

Xiao Shengfeng conducted the sites inspection of Zhongshan District, Xigang District, Shahekou District and Ganjingzi District, acquiring the detailed information of fire prevention responsibility practice, fireproof material reserves, the construction of fire prevention facilities, as well as the patrol and guard. He also showed his sincere greetings and thanks to most cadres and workers who stood fast at their posts for their contribution to the forest fire prevention work of our city. Xiao Shengfeng stressed that, since the arid climate of Autumn easily gives the rise of greater risks of catching forest fire, government departments at all levels should take the measures to reinforce the urban forest fire prevention work and take it as a serious political task to implement. To pledge full implementation of responsibility system of forest fire prevention, every district and department should undertake the due obligations of forest fire prevention, reinforce the organization and leadership, put into practice fire prevention responsibility and measures, forming the working mechanism of delegating responsibilities at every levels, thus ensuring the fulfillment of the principle of safeguarding the mountains, protecting the forest and shouldering the responsibility.

Xiao Shengfeng emphasized that urban forest fire hazard investigation and inspection should be brought into force. Also, we should exercise strict control over the source of ignition and the wild fire. According to the fire prevention requirements of horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end, no leakage area and full coverage, we should keep the strict safeguard in every corner and always put prevention first, we must intensify the control over the source of ignition, wild fire and the combustible matter. Also, the behavior of using fire out of line should be dealt with sternly and the work of patrol and elimination of the hidden dangers need to be implemented completely. The emergency response plan and the fire early warning as well as the firefighting mechanism need to be further improved. There should be workers on duty round the clock and leaders on shifts so as to report the fire prevention information in time. In the event of fire, the professional fire-control army of each level should practice the skills of extinguishing fire and be ready in taking actions, strike quickly, dispatch heavily, extinguish fire scientifically, thus fulfilling the aim of extinguishing the fire from the beginning, and provide a safe and stable social environment for the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China.