Zhuanghe City organizes activity for 2017 Science Popularization Day

On the morning of September 20, the activity for 2017 Science Popularization Day jointly organized by Zhuanghe Association of Science, Zhuanghe Educational Bureau, Agricultural Development Bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau was held in Huanghai Square. Deputy Party Secretary Li Yibing attended the activity.

2017 Science Popularization Day with the theme of innovation driving development and science expelling ignorance aims to inspire all people’s consciousness of learning, loving and using science. On that day, display boards for science popularization were set up, and 2000 science books were given out to citizens. It was reported that towns and counties in Zhuanghe all conducted activities from September 15 to 22. Besides, units in the city had conducted various science popularization activities centering on carrying forward science spirit, spreading development concept, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship and so on.