Xiao Shengfeng investigated the construction of major transportation infrastructure project.

With great concern of the construction of major transportation infrastructure project, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng, with the heads of other relevant departments, came to the project construction site yesterday, examined the progress of the project on the spot, met the project builders who work in the frontline, and dealt with relevant issues on the site. He stressed that the urban transportation infrastructure construction is an effective method to improve urban functions and enhance the supply of public goods. It is an important means to stimulate effective investment and promote continuous and healthy economic development. It is an urgent need to improve people's livelihood and respond to the expectations of the people. Departments at all levels should thoroughly implement the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on doing good work of city affairs, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, strengthen the leadership, dare to take actions initiatively, and speed up the construction to ensure that the task is completed successfully. Secretary-general Luo Dongsheng, participated in the investigation.

Bohai Avenue is the traffic artery along the Bohai Bay in the city. The implementation of this project is of great significance to promote the development of Jinpu New Area, Puwan Economic Zone and Jinbo Coast, to optimize the organization along the Bohai Sea and to improve the urban road network structure. On the construction site of Bohai Road at Ganjingzi District, Xiao Shengfeng listened to the report on the progress of the project and made specific arrangements for the following construction work. He asked leaders of relevant departments of the districts to fully exert their initiative, make top command personally, work out new measures for the new situation, and implement all work in place to ensure that the Bohai Avenue is completed by the end of this year.

On the Jinpu Intercity Railway project site in Ershilipu, Xiao Shengfeng carefully asked about the construction progress, and its quality and safety issues. He said, Jinpu intercity railway is our city’s major infrastructure in promoting new urbanization. It is beneficial to promote urban and rural public service equalization. We should organize carefully, control scientifically, and highlight priorities to make sure that the task is completed with quality and quantity assured. Xiao Shengfeng also came to the tunnel project site along the southern coastal bridge extension line. He required the relevant departments and construction units to optimize the construction program, reasonably arrange human and material resources, and accelerate the work in the context of guaranteed quality and safety to ensure that the project is completed early so that people benefit from it early.

On the field trip, Xiao Shengfeng asked all districts and departments concerned to watch closely the project construction and do everything possible to break the bottleneck constraints to promote the construction. To make sure that the city’s major transportation infrastructure project is to be finished on schedule, we should carefully analyze and study the difficulties, work creatively, concentrate resources and strengthen material support to ensure the due completion of all the major infrastructure construction projects of the city..