Various Activities will be Held in Zhongshan District's Emergency Management Awareness Week

Zhongshan district ran the 11th emergency response awareness week so as to send public emergency care management message as well as improve citizens' self-aid skills.

On the morning of September 11, the opening ceremony of Emergency Management Awareness Week was jointly launched by the Dalian Center Branch of People's Bank of China and Zhongshan District Emergency Office. Office members participated in promoting following actions in emergencies via banners and slogans and holding consultations and first-aid demonstrations. Fliers and free brochure were also handed out on site.

Dalian Emergency Management Awareness Week was started officially by an opening party held in Yida People's Stage by Zhongshan District Government, Dalian Earthquake Bureau and Dalian Broadcasting and Entertainment Bureau on the evening of September 11. The goal of the Awareness Week is to teach the public how to identify an emergency and response to it. It aims to popularize the emergency management law and regulations, to raise safety awareness and to develop self-protection capacity. 

During the week, relevant activities will be held on daily basis, including emergency evacuation drill in primary and secondary schools, red cross self-aid and mutual aid training courses and fire safety lectures. Emergency Management Awareness Week column will also be available on the website of Zhongshan district government, and the Awareness Week theme will be scrolling across the outdoor LED screen in the whole district. Closing evening party will be held in Zhongshan Square.