Lushun holds the caution and education meeting of leaders

On September 21, Lushun held the caution and education meeting of leaders. Zhang Liwei, member of Party working committee and secretary of discipline inspection committee, on behalf of Party working committee, conveyed the spirit of the “eight-point” rule on austerity and put forward requirements on implementing the spirit.

The meeting addressed that Dalian municipal Party committee has made specific deployment on implementing the rule. Lushun district Party committee has put forward higher requirements on implementing entities’ responsibilities and promoting the transformation of working style. All grass-root organizations and Party cadres should follow the leading to take practical actions.

The meeting required that Party organizations at all levels should focus on the study and conveying of the spirit of the meeting first. They should take it as an essential political mission at current stage and guide Party branches to implement the mission based on requirements of the central and local Party committees at all levels. Lushun will follow the rule to obtain fruitful achievements. Second, Lushun should implement the entity responsibility of the Party working committee and the supervision responsibility of the discipline inspection committee. Leaders should promote the implementation according to requirements of four entity responsibilities. They should also conduct self-examination based on the rule to prevent problems with the bottom line in heart. Leaders should reinforce discipline management and give full play to the leading role of cadres. The leading group of Party working committee should enhance self-discipline and take practical actions at the front of people. Third, Lushun should take implementing the spirit of the rules as an important mission of rectification and supervision. According to issues on 16 aspects of 3 categories released by the inspection team of the Liaoning provincial Party committee, Lushun will record day-to-day account, make list, take actions, implement responsibility and focus on key problems to rectify four undesirable work styles. Leaders should keep in mind the discipline of the general election to create an honest environment without corruption for the National People's Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

The meeting addressed that Lushun should reinforce shift and leave system so that executive orders of government can be released during the National Day holiday and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Relevant departments should focus on comprehensive management to maintain stability and safety production, aiming to shape a safe and harmony environment for the masses. Leaders should actively accept supervision and enhance self-discipline to spend holiday with low profile.

The meeting called on all Party cadres to follow requirements of Dalian municipal Party committee and Lushun district Party committee and create a new environment to welcome the convening of the 19th National Congress with excellent achievements.