Enhance urban management and construct charming Zhuanghe

On the afternoon of September 17, Zhang Shuping, secretary of the Zhuanghe Municipal Committee of the CPC, Zhang Chunli, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhuanghe Municipal Committee and minister of the Zhuanghe Party Committee Propaganda Department, and Huangquan, deputy mayor of Zhuanghe City and director of Public Security Bureau, led the group constituted of several departments to investigate and conduct supervision at bus terminals, arterial roads and parking lots. The group urged relevant departments to enhance urban management and implement responsibilities based on the standard of creating the National Civilized City so as to make practical effects.

Since 2015, people in Zhuanghe City have worked shoulder to shoulder to make various remarkable achievements under the guidance of the municipal Party committee and government. Zhuanghe has made full preparations for the examination of the central spiritual civilization committee.

Zhang Shuping and her team went to the Zhuanghe bus terminals, temporary market of Binhe community, Xingda Street, parking lots of Hongyan Road and Huanghai Street. They investigated the propaganda of public service ads, sanitation conditions of public environment, traffic order and vehicle parking conditions. Zhang requested relevant departments to implement responsibilities according to the working standard and rectify existing problems.

Zhang also addressed that the present stage of creating the National Civilized City is crucial. All departments should take responsibilities and enhance efficiency as soon as possible. According to the standard, departments should pay more attention to the management and rectification of traffic, parking and environment problems, maintaining the order of public places. Meanwhile, relevant departments should punish behaviors against regulations and promote propaganda and education so as to improve citizens’ civilization and encourage people in Zhuanghe to participate in creating the National Civilized City. A civilized and beautiful Zhuanghe will be built with enthusiasm.