The central railway maintenance office comes to Jinpu New District for supervision work

On the morning of September 15, the central railway maintenance office came to Changxinglu community of Zhongchang Street and investigated the maintenance work of railways.

The supervision group heard the working report at Changxinglu community and examined the working condition of the patrol staff though surveillance video. 3railways, Jinzhou-Chengzitan, Liaoning-Dalian and Dandong-Dalian, go through Changxinglu community, located at the adjacent parts of urban and rural areas. Along the 3.5-kilometer railway lives a large amount of migrant population which leads to frequent accidents and hidden dangers for railway maintenance.

In 2014, with the guidance of the regional railway maintenance office and the railway public security organization, the community carried out activities to assist the maintenance work. Party members and the masses worked together and built up the “working station of Changxinglu community of Zhongchang Street for railway maintenance”. After 3-year practical operation, the working efficiency has been enhanced and the on-line supervision rate has reached 100%, without accidents happening in 3 years.

The supervision group thought highly of the maintenance work of Jinpu New District and stressed relevant responsibility. Protecting railway safety is among the top priorities during the rapid development period of China’s high-speed trains. The group also encouraged Jinpu New District to focus more on innovation based on the current achievements so as to make new contributions to railway maintenance.