Jinpu New Area adopts a new mode of "Internet + intelligent use of electricity"

Recently, three power supply companies in Jinpu New Area have launched a new mode of power supply called "Internet + intelligent use of electricity" to better serve the users and help the smart city construction.

The implementation of the new method will achieve automatic meter reading. Consumers will enjoy more accurate service and receive notifications via mobile phone text messages and telephone voice etc., which can timely provide electricity consumption and better protect consumers’ privacy.

Consumers subscribing to SMS service will receive short messages regularly from power supply companies as well as warning messages in case of insufficient funds. In addition, consumers can pay the fees not only at the national grid service hall, but also through electronic platforms, designated banks counters and other 16 ways.

At present, with the completed promotion of electricity meters, users in Jinpu New Area will experience the convenience and security brought by the new pattern. Besides, if the house-owner alters after exchange of the house, it will be convenient to rename the electricity meter.