Jinpu NewArea holds an International Seminar on Arts and Crafts

On the morning of September 8th, the Publicity Department of Jinpu New Area Party Working Committee held an international seminar on  arts and crafts,, invited experts and business representatives from the arts and crafts industry in the Northeast China and carried out an thematic discussion.

At the meeting, Wang Huijun, member of Jinpu New Area Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee, introduced some basic information of Jinpu New Area and Dalian Area of Liaoning Free Trade Zone. He said that Jinpu New Area has been rich in cultural heritage. Nowadays, as a national new area, it enjoys superimposed opportunities of Dalian Free Trade Area, Shenyang Independent Innovation Demonstration Area and many other favorable policies and takes the responsibility of revitalizing the Old Industrial Bases in Liaoning. By holding the International Arts and Crafts expo, it not only brings traditional Chinese culture and spirit of the great artisans to the world through the platform of the free trade area, but also provides a broad platform for the promotion of Jinpu New Area and its cultural industries.

Liu Jinhong, member of Jinpu New Area Party Working Committee and minister of Publicity Department presided over the seminar. Principals of the Arts and Crafts Association from the three northeastern provinces and relevant business representatives, as well as the relevant managers of committees, offices and bureaus of Jinpu New Area attended the seminar.

Many good suggestions are put forward in the seminar. It is believed that the Jinpu New Area has prominent regional conditions and policy advantages, and it is an important international window in the Northeast. Holding the International Arts and Crafts Expo here will be more influential and add international color to the development of cultural industries there.