Lushunkou District rings the alarm on remembering “September 18 Accident”

September 18, 2017 witnesses the 86th anniversary of “September 18 Accident”. On September 18 of 86 years ago, Chinese people started arduous anti-Japanese war and Lushunkou, as the place of origin, rings the alarm and organizes commemorative activities on the very day every year to warn people of being vigilant in peace time, stick to the national humiliation, and constantly strive to become stronger for the revitalization of Chinese nation.

In order to improve teachers and students’ ability to deal with emergency, Lushun Experimental Middle School and Lushun No.3 Middle School carried out an evacuation drill. Students in Lushun Experimental Middle School ran to playground in accordance with the predesigned route at 9:18 a.m. when the air defense warning was rung. After the solemn flag-raising ceremony, students delivered speeches on the theme of revitalization of China.

On that day, 24 air defense sirens were all rung on time. Lushunkou district government, the central square, LED screen in the Urban Construction Bureau, Lushun TV stations and radio stations simultaneously released knowledge on air defense. The alarm test ended at 9:33 a.m. According to information gathered from alarm points, the ring rate and on-time rate of sirens are 100 percent, showing the smooth operation of air defense system throughout the district.