The statistic work of Jinpu New Area welcomes a new start

At the meeting on implementing statistics law, Wang Qiang, secretary of Party Committee of Jinpu New Area, delivered a speech and required the leading group of statistics work to provide accurate and reliable data for the development of Dalian Free Trade Zone.

Wang Qiang pointed out that statistics work is not only the data accumulation but also reflection of the economic operation of the whole area, thus providing scientific data and fundamental support for major decisions. Each department should be fully aware of the significance of earnestly learning the statistics law and relevant regulations and set up a complete and standardized information statistics platform so as to master the operation situations of key enterprises and to provide accurate and reliable information for the economic operation of the whole area.

Wang also stressed that the whole areas should speed up the construction of the free trade zone with the statistics work focusing on the following key tasks. The first is to ensure independent, scientific and accurate statistics according to relevant laws and regulations. The second is to require staff of functional departments, parks and streets to conduct investigation with focus on the enterprises’ basic attributes, production, operation, investment, sales, existing difficulties and future goals. The third is to deepen reform and practically finish the statistics of new industries and new business models based on the construction of free trade zone and pilot zone of opening-up economic system. Wang Qiang required each department and functional parks to enhance leadership, team construction and accountability system and attach importance to statistics work and implementation of responsibility. This meeting marks the new start of the statistics work in Jinpu New Area.

The meeting was presided over by Liu Dechun, deputy secretary of Party Committee of Jinpu New Area and attended by leaders of Jinpu New Area, including Liu Aimin, Song Zhenmin, Shang Shuchen, Lv Dongsheng and so on. According to relevant suggestions, Jinpu New Area will comprehensively enhance and standardize statistics work in terms of 21 aspects, such as accounting of regional GDP, special statistics of strategic new industries, high-tech enterprises and industries as well as modern service industry, analysis report of economic operation, establishment of statistics information platform, law enforcement on statistics work and so on, so as to support decision making and provide reliable data and for social and economic development.

Representatives of the Economic Development Bureau, Bureau of Commerce, Construction Bureau of Urban and Rural Area, Agricultural Bureau, Administration Committee of the Development Zone all delivered a speech and made a work report.