Attendees of the 12th European Diplomat Seminar visit Dalian Free Trade Zone

In recent days, attendees of the 12th European Diplomat Seminar paid a visit to the comprehensive service lobby of Free Trade Zone of Jinpu New Area to know about the construction of the free trade zone and the improvement of business environment. Leaders from European Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Provincial Office of Foreign Affairs and Commerce Bureau of Jinpu New Area accompanied the visit.

In the lobby, relevant people in charge introduced to the European diplomats the achievements of the innovative system and measures taken to optimize the business environment. “What’s the difference in polices between the free trade zone and other areas” “How is the foreign exchange in the free trade zone?” “How are the goods in the free trade zone supervised?” “How does Dalian free trade zone differ from other free trade zones?” After listening to the introduction, European diplomats raised the above questions based on the content that provoked their interest to know more about the functions, policies and features of Dalian Free Trade Zone.

The European Diplomat Seminar, which has been successfully held for 11 successive years, is the first training project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that targets developed countries with nearly 400 European diplomats trained in total. Every seminar with one given theme will invite staff from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce as well as scholars from think tanks to exchange views with members of the seminar. The 12 European Diplomat Seminar with the theme of “innovation and reform” was attended by 45 diplomats from Austria, Italy, Germany and other European countries. These diplomats visited Beijing, Dalian and Yingkou.