Jinzhou district holds the 50th meeting of the 7th standing committee of district people’s congress

Yesterday, Xie Xuehui, head of district standing committee of people’s congress held the 50th meeting of the 7th standing committee of district people’s congress. Participants included deputy heads of district standing committee Chen Zeguo, Xu Xiaoli, Yang Guidong and Li Xiangdong and other standing committee members. Other attendees who sat in on the meeting were Ji Zheng, deputy secretary of Jinpu New Area Party working committee, persons in charge of district court, procuratorate and administrative committee, etc.

The meeting listened to and reviewed the reports on the implementation of national economic and social development plan of Jinzhou district (Jinpu New Area) during the first half year, on final accounts and budget in 2016 and in the first half year of 2017 and on the audit of financial revenue and expenditure in 2016.

Since 2017, Jinpu New Area has been implementing the new development concepts, “four strives” and “three promotes”, seizing the strategic opportunity of free trade zone, and focusing on emancipating mind and steady growth. The vigor was stimulated through the reform, structure adjustment and livelihood projects, thus achieving the good momentum of social development. In the first half year, Jinpu has completed the six major tasks deployed at the beginning of the year, including deepening reform, implementing great rejuvenation of northeast China, promoting industrial transformation, accelerating the investment attraction, improving urban function and handling well livelihood affairs, thus taking the lead in Dalian and Liaoning province with many indices ranking top.

The meeting also listened to and reviewed the report on drinking water safety in rural area of Jinpu New Area. Until now, Jinpu has 124 centralized water supply plants in rural area, benefiting 301,000 people and 139 villages. Most of the rural residents can get water in their houses with the tap water popularity rate reaching 95.68%, thus in advance overfulfilling the goal of 85% popularity rate raised in“13th Five-Year Plan”.

The meeting also listened to the statement of Jinzhou people’s court on determining the number of people's assessors, reviewed and approved the decision on the number of people's assessors, listened to the speeches made by proposed officers and decided the affairs concerning personnel appointment and removal by voting.