Jinzhou district CPPCC holds the 30th (enlarged) meeting of the 7th standing committee

Yesterday, Jinzhou district CPPCC held the 30th (enlarged) meeting of the 7th standing committee. Chairman of the district CPPCC Li Wei, Vice-chairman Tian Qingye, Zhang Junyu and Secretary-General Wang Shimin attended the meeting. Song Zhenmin, member of Party Working Committee of Jinpu New Area sat in on the meeting. The whole meeting was held in the form of inspection and discussion and Tian Qingye presided over the discussion part.

During the inspection part, Li Wei and his parties came to civil cultural activity center and development zone library  to inspect construction, administration and service of public cultural venues and watched the lion dance performance at the cultural venue. During the discussion, the persons in charge of social affairs bureau reported the construction of public cultural service system. According to the report, such public cultural facilities as library, culture venue and museum rank top at the provincial or national level with high construction standard and superior function.

Four standing committee members put forward suggestions on accelerating public digital culture construction, enhancing the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and pushing forward the construction of comprehensive cultural service center at the grassroots level.

Li Wei gave full affirmation to the district’s public cultural service system and noted that efforts should be made to enhance the sense of mission to promote the modern public cultural service system, highlight problem orientation, and construct the district into a historical and cultural city which carries forward history and leads the trend of times with Chinese characteristics.

Song Zhenmin expressed that the government will make overall plans, expand financial investment and intensify the talent cultivation in combination with the needs of the masses, so as to promote the public cultural service system to a higher level.