Dafangshen Village’s old volunteers assist the civilized city building and ensure security for students on the way home

Since September 1, when students leave school, several aunts wearing volunteer waistcoats and taking rubbish bags have been working at the gate of Dafangshen Primary School to dredge the pedestrians and pick up white trash so as to ensure students’ safety and hygiene around the school. This is a campaign launched by Dafangshen Village’s old volunteers with the theme of “protecting students with love”. They actively contribute to the building of national civilized city.

It’s learned that there are nearly 500 students in Dafangshen Primary School. Narrow roads and heavy traffic often lead to traffic jams and safety problems when students go to and leave from school.

Volunteers protected students against accidents, and ensured smooth roads around the school. They also exhorted parents to leave immediately after picking up their children, and helped physically inconvenient parents to hold their children up to cars. Volunteers helped sweep rubbish, leaves and adlets on the road and carried out publicity activities on environment. Aunts redressed students’ uncivilized behaviors such as throwing rubbish here and there, and taught them to contribute to the building of civilized city.

In this campaign, volunteers not only protect students when they leave school, but also contribute to the building of civilized city. Volunteers’ practical actions drive citizens’ civilization consciousness, environmental awareness and social morality awareness and improve citizens’ quality so as to build a clean, beautiful and well-organized city environment.