Gezhenpu Street takes various measures to push forward discussion and learning campaign

On the afternoon of Sept. 12, Gezhenpu Street held the mobilization meeting on “studying speeches, learning from Shanghai, emancipating mind and taking practical efforts” to make work deployment and push forward the implementation. A total of 70 people attended the meeting including all staff of street Party working committee, persons in charge of organs, etc.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the speeches made by Party Secretary Song Cheng and Commander Xu Ke and issued the relevant implementation suggestions and work plan of Gezhenpu street.

The meeting noted that efforts should be made to recognize the necessity and urgency of emancipating mind, resolve the problems in social and economic development and make new breakthrough. Besides, it’s suggested to insist on problem orientation, open up mind and remove the conventional one, get rid of the value of satisfying with being well off and establish the value of being much more powerful with a brave, optimistic and concerted heart and practical efforts.

The meeting stressed that several measures should be taken. The first is to take correct political stands by learning the speech spirit of Xi Jinping in an in-depth manner. The Party members across the street should be fully aware that the discussion campaign is the vital content for pushing forward Party building studies and the urgent need to straightly face up to development gap and foster a favorable business environment. The second is to focus on such key points as future development goals, deepening reform, talent cultivation and people’s livelihood to ensure the practical results of discussion campaign, find out the problems that constraint the economic development, affect the project process and concern people’s livelihood, and improve the work style and mind. The third is to enhance the leadership and organization. Relevant entities and departments should press ahead with key works such as inspection, environmental protection and “work results looking back”, so as to be fully prepared for the 19th National People’s Congress of the CPC.