Ganjingzi street has been fully prepared for the 19th National People’s Congress of the CPC

On Sept. 13, Party Working Committee of Ganjingzi Street hosted a mobilization meeting on the discussion and learning of emancipating mind. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the mobilization meeting held by municipal and district Party committee, and explained the implementation plan on the discussion and learning campaign. Main leaders from the street gave speeches. A total of 88 people participated, including all personnel from street organs, Party committee of Nanhai Group, etc.

The meeting noted that the discussion campaign is a significant measure to implement President Xi Jinping’s “7.26” speech and learn the expounding of  emancipating mind since the 18th National People’s Congress, aiming to invigorate the innovative vitality through genuine talk. The campaign could also rally the power of all Party members across the street, take practical efforts to rectify existing problems found during the inspection of provincial Party committee and optimize business environment, so as to fully prepare the 19th National People’s Congress.

The meeting stressed that the office of working committee called on grassroots Party organizations at all levels to put the discussion campaign as a priority, specify responsibilities for leaders at all levels and incorporate the campaign into the livelihood cause, so as to push forward the implementation of all work.

The meeting required that all the streets should take initiatives to implement the discussion and learning campaign through five measures. The first is to solicit opinions among organ departments and community Party organizations with regard to campaign plan and the prominent issues. The second is to learn the system of checking work attendance and making up missed lessons to ensure adequate learning time and high-quality learning results. The third is to learn the assessment system based on Xi’s expounding of emancipating mind and 7.26 speech. The fourth is to specify tasks focusing on the 9 discussion spotlights in light of actual reality. The fifth is to display and exchange the discussion results through the intelligent Party building platform.