Ganjingzi District Market Supervision Bureau holds a special meeting on city building

On the afternoon of September 12, Ganjingzi District Market Supervision Bureau held the 5th national special meeting on city building which was attended by 84 people, including members of the leading group of the bureau, heads of all departments, branches and centers and persons involved in city building work.

The bureau was required to consolidate results, find out problems, and innovate on measures so as to ensure city building with inspiring spirit, unremitting efforts and resolute determination. First is to specify responsibilities. 56 staff selected from the bureau are divided into 14 groups to work with market supervision agencies after training. Inspections were conducted around such places as markets, supermarkets, campuses, parks and city-building places. Targeted supervision and inspection were conducted in units with problems in environment and sanitation to ensure the full completion of relevant standards. Second is to enhance inspection and guidance. Inspections focusing on expired food, the implementation of disinfection system, and the expiry date of health certificate should be carried out in strict accordance with standards. Inspection and hierarchical management should be enhanced in unqualified units . Publicity for city building should be increased to enhance people’s consciousness of city building. Third is to focus on key places and sections. Rectification was carried out in such key places as trade markets, supermarkets, and primary and secondary roads. Focus was put on key markets with serious problems such as Dashang fruit and vegetable wholesale markets, Dalian Xuguang comprehensive wholesale market, Dalian Mingfeng building materials market, Dalian Paoya agricultural trade market. Besides, businesses with LED screens were thoroughly inspected. Fourth is to strengthen implementation of responsibility system and supervision and guidance for agencies.