Ganjingzi District Bureau of Finance promotes working innovation with new achievements in emancipating mind

On September 13, Ganjingzi District Bureau of Finance carried out the mobilization meeting on “Studying Speeches and Following the Sample of Shanghai with Opening Mind and Practical Actions”. The meeting conveyed the Implement Opinion on Carrying Out “Studying Speeches and Following the Sample of Shanghai with Opening Mind and Practical Actions” and deployed the specific work.

The Plan on Carrying Out “Studying Speeches and Following the Sample of Shanghai with Opening Mind and Practical Actions” was released on the meeting. The Party group explained all relevant tasks and leadership as well as the importance of activities to be implemented. The plan urged cadres to unify thoughts with decisions of provincial, municipal and regional Party committees. Meanwhile, the plan also requested cadres to focus on the gap between Ganjingzi district and other economic districts to seize opportunities and set up targets. Cadres will renew concepts and carry out creative work to solve problems in money management. They will eliminate formalism and carry out researches to solve problems and make effective measures.

The meeting pointed out that all cadres should focus on nine aspects in accordance with the reality of finance work. First, cadres will study theories and experience. They will study President Xi’s important speeches on emancipating mind, especially the speeches delivered on July 26 and on the deliberation of Liaoning delegation, to eliminate ideological obstructions on rejuvenation. They will determine the development orientation, planning and targets and unify minds to seize opportunities and take practical actions so as to promote financial work. Second, cadres will deepen the system reform of financial management. They will implement Xi’s important instructions and pay attention to key points and weaknesses so as to improve the system and structure of Ganjingzi district development. They will enhance the management of government and national finance with the lead of supply-side reform. Departments will promote budget reform and economic classification so as to complete the budget of 2018. The government will promote the reform of government’s purchasing service and establish relevant management methods. The government will also promote the reform of informatization and financial services. Meanwhile, the government will promote the reform of nontax revenue and financial instruments. Cadres will learn advanced experience and government’s investment and PPP mode and explore the marketized operation of government finance. They will prevent the risk of government debts and establish emergency response plans to keep the base line of regional and systematic risks. They will also establish the Management Regulation of the Construction of Fundamental Projects invested by Ganjingzi District to streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels and give full play to the role of supervision and administration. The government will enhance the management of accounting certificates and regulate government review and approval. The government will also enhance the check of special funds and complete the system of financial feedbacks. Cadres will carry out the performance appraisal of key projects and enhance the concept of the performance management so as to promote financial funds. Third, the government will enhance Party building and promote the working style of Party leaders. The government will transform the working style of cadres and shape a clear environment of political ecology based on the Party building. Cadres will enhance “four consciousnesses” and “five thoughts” to handle practical issues and take responsibilities. They will motivate people’s enthusiasm and build a team with integrity and high efficiency to promote innovation and scientific development.