“Lushun Shipyard” is actively apply for national industrial heritage

According to the notification and requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, Lushunkou Economics and Informatizaiton Bureau organized the No. 4810 Factory “Lushun Shipyard” of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to actively apply for the national industrial heritage. This is the only one industrial heritage project in Dalian and the application materials have been submitted to the municipal government and the Provincial Commission of Industry and Information Technology.

“Lushun Shipyard”, founded in 1881 with a history of over 100 years, is hailed as the miracle of industrial buildings and one of the earliest and most influential national industrial heritages in Dalian. It marked the birth of Dalian industry and formed the first generation of industrial workers in Dalian. Currently, the old shipyard, as an important industrial heritage in China, has been listed as the protection site of cultural relics, witnessed the development of Chinese industrial civilization and will continue to contribute to the ship building industry of China.