Yi Qingtao, Party secretary of Lushunkou district meets guests from Red Star Macalline Group

Yi Qingtao, Party secretary of Lushunkou district met president assistant of Red Star Macalline Lu Qingfeng and his party on September 13. Present at the meeting were standing members of Lushunkou district Committee and deputy executive head Sun Jiaping.

The two sides conferred on preparatory work for the project of Red Star Macalline and arrangement for pollution discharge, power supply, water supply, relocation, etc. Promising that the district Party committee and government will spare no efforts to support Red Star Macalline’s project, Yi Qingtao required Red Star Macalline group to actively communicate and coordinate with the district Party committee, government and relevant departments to speed up preparatory work and start construction as soon as possible. Lu Qingfeng expressed thanks to Lushunkou district government and related departments for their help and support in the preparatory stage, and said Red Star Macalline Group was making every effort for the upcoming start of construction on Nov. 1 with operation expected to start on Aug. 1, 2018.   

The project with 84,214 square meters of floor area and 120,000 square meters of building area is located in the west part of Singapore Garden and is developed by Dalian Red Sun Real Estate Co. Ltd. The project aims to build a comprehensive household shopping plaza with home retail, building materials wholesale and large supermarkets in Lushun, which will improve the quality and level of the new town in Lushun.