The Bureau of Commerce of Lushunkou District stirs up mass enthusiasm in study and discussion

Since the activity of study and discussion was conducted throughout the district, the Bureau of Commerce of Lushunkou District has stirred up mass enthusiasm in study and discussion in a timely, practical and careful manner. 

The first step is to run against time. The Party committee of the Bureau of Commerce held a timely conference to convey the spirit of the municipal and district conferences and make unified deployments. Members of leading groups were required to set a good example and exchange views on learning experiences. In addition, a mobilization meeting was held to guide Party members to in depth learn the spirit of speeches by President Xi as well as new concepts and strategies for governing the country so as to narrow the gap with advanced areas and push the development of commerce and trade service industry to quality-orientation. 

The second step is to focus on details. According to relevant documents and the working reality, the Bureau of Commerce issued the implementation plans to specify responsibility and make clear timetables for smooth going of all tasks.

The third step is to stress practical achievements. A leading group was formed to guide main tasks with focus on study and discussion activities to ensure practical achievements with shared thoughts, goals and high quality.