Japan XiankunLogistics Co., Ltd. inspects Shui Shiying Street in Lushunkou District

On September 13, Japan Xiankun Logistics Co., Ltd. visited Xi Gou Village of Shui Shiying Street in Lushunkou District to inspect the progress of the first phase project.

The project, located in Xishou Village, Shui Shiying Street, is developed and  manufactured by Japan Xiankun Logistics Co., Ltd. It covers an area of 13,000 square meters, mainly applying Japanese technology in the construction for soilless cultivation of fruits and vegetables and related industry projects. At the same time, based on social needs, the project will integrate youth education, pension and leisure  together to build a green industrial park. It will further the development of high-tech agriculture in the region. The project is highly consistent with development of modern agriculture in Lushunkou District. The first phase project will be put into production in mid-November, and the Japanese company inspected the progress of the second phase project as well.