Dalian municipal conference on cultural relics is held

On the afternoon of September 14, Dalian municipal conference on cultural relics was held in the multi-function hall of the municipal government. Three points were stressed at the meeting. First is to coordinate the relationship between cultural relics protection and economic and social development and enhance the work on cultural relics. Second is to implement the leadership responsibility system and territorial management system and strengthen cooperation among different departments to ensure security of cultural relics in Dalian. Third is to explore the potential historical, cultural and scientific value of relics, and protect not only the historic sites and remains in the traditional concept, but also the historical buildings, facilities and buildings representing industrial civilization so as to create new growth point and speed up the construction of the two pilot zones by integrating cultural relics into ecological resources and cultural and creative industry.

The arrangement for next step work was made at the meeting. First is to specify responsibilities and implement the statutory obligation for cultural relics. Second is to give full play to the leading role of cultural relics projects and ensure supervision and management of approved cultural relics protection projects and the application for above city-level cultural relics protection projects. Relevant departments are required to do a good job in the 8th batch of recommendation of national key cultural relics protection units by supporting State Cultural Relics Bureau in researching sunken ships in Zhuanghe sea area during the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and start the 7th city-level recommendation of national key cultural relics protection units. Besides, efforts should also be made in the construction of information management platform for cultural relics protection, application for national special fund, the construction of Dalian Museum of History in Puwan New Area, exhibition changes on the third floor of Dalian Modern Museum, and the expansion of Dalian Tombs in Han Dynasty. Third is to make full use of results of movable cultural relics survey, explore collection resources in museums, continue to organize various people-benefiting exhibitions, promote the integration of internet plus Chinese civilization, and support the development of cultural and expo creative products. Fourth is to strengthen management for relics and relics protection units, and crack down on illegal cases on relics.