Zhaunghe work leading group of national marine inspection group holds the fourth meeting

On September 8, Zhaunghe work leading group of national marine inspection group held the fourth meeting to convey the spirit of speeches by Xu Sheng, vice executive lead of national marine inspection group, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng, and Vice Mayor Hao Ming. The Vice Mayor Su Changzhong made arrangement for work in future.

It was pointed at the meeting that the implementation of special inspection on marine is not only an important measure for the construction of marine ecological civilization, but also a demand for promoting the construction of Zhuanghe’s marine ecological civilization. All departments are required to understand the great importance of marine inspection, thoroughly implement deployments for marine ecology by the CPC Central Committee and State Council , enhance supervision on sea use and protection of marine ecology, and improve administrative law enforcement for marine disaster prevention so as to speed up the construction of marine ecological civilization and promote the healthy and sustainable development of Zhuanghe’s economic and social development. 

The member units are required to recognize the great significance of marine inspection andaccept national marine inspection and arrangement at a political and overall height by providing needed report, materials, communication and service so as to create a good environment for the smooth going of marine inspection. The inspection should be taken as a chance to solve problems in marine resources and environmental protection and to enhance Zhuanghe’s scientific management and use of sea so as to vigorously promote the construction of national marine economic demonstration zone and accelerate Zhaunghe’s transformation from a big marine city into a powerful marine city.