The 6th Standing Committee of National People’s Congress of Zhuanghe City holds the 60th meeting of directors

On Sept. 11, the 6th Standing Committee of National People’s Congress of Zhuanghe City held the 60th meeting of directors. Present at the meeting were He Tong, director of standing committee of the Municipal People's Congress and deputy directors including Lv Yanqing, Qin Changjiang, Zhu Baohua and Gong Xiangri. He Tong presided over the meeting.

The meeting listened to the work report on tax levy and non-tax revenue of Zhuanghe City and the report on transition of Party Congress at municipal, village (township) levels.

The meeting noted that in spite of the economic downward pressure, the national and local tax still achieved remarkable results through various campaigns. From Jan. to Aug., the national tax organization got the tax revenue of 1.15323 billion yuan with the year-on-year growth of 50.4%, the local financial revenue of 0.4669 billion yuan with the growth of 71.9%, the local tax revenue of 0.54424 billion yuan, the non-tax revenue of 0.76848 billion yuan with 15% growth and the general public budget revenue of 0.58203 billion yuan, which contributed a lot to the economic development of Zhuanghe City.

The meeting required that the national and local tax related departments should focus on tax reform, enhance information sharing and exchange, conduct tax levy in strict accordance with law and crack down on tax evasion and deception. Efforts should be made to firm the belief, enhance team building to complete the tax levy task, and strictly control the fees for the use of the sea area. Moreover, due efforts should be made to push forward the real estate project with favorable guidance and manage the receipt of foreign taxation.

The meeting determines that the 40th meeting of the 6th municipal standing committee will be held on Sept. 28, 2017.