Yi Qingtao, secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee meets with the head of Dalian real estate of Evergrande Real Estate Group

Yi Qingtao, secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee met with the head of Dalian real estate of Evergrande Real Estate Group on August 30 and conferred on site selection of Evergrande’s children paradise project. The District Chief Li Jun also attended the meeting.

The children paradise is the only large-scale full-indoor, around-the-clock and all-season theme park in the world, which aims to create the world’s largest and best theme park of fairy tales featuring Chinese stories, history and culture while combining Chinese culture with world civilization with the maturest, most popular and advanced technology for children aged from 2 to 15. Evergrande Real Estate Group will set up 15 children paradises throughout China to be constructed in 2 to 5 years. It is estimated that each paradise with a radiation radius of 500 km and covering 80 million people will attract 15 to 20 million person times of tourists every year and stimulate 20 billion yuan of tourism consumption. Yi Qingtao said modern service industry in Lushun has achieved prominent results since the expansion of opening up in 2009, and Lushun, as one of the main districts of Dalian, is very suitable for such projects as children paradise featuring grand tour and massive health. Lushun boasts unique resource advantages inecological environment, humanistic atmosphere, and rich historical and cultural resources in the three northeastern provinces of China. Yi hopes to find a meeting point between the two sides by showing Lushun’s advantages to Evergrande Real Estate Group and combine Lushun’s resource advantages with that of Evergrande’s brand so as to achieve a win-win cooperation.

Hu Qingping, head of Dalian Real Estate of Evergrande Real Estate Group, expressed that the children paradise project is to achieve new breakthrough in the world due to its age differentiation positioning. The project entails good urban development and natural conditions, and Lushun meets the environmental requirements for its advantageous condition. Relevant materials will be summarized and submitted to the group for further cooperation between Lushun and Evergrande.