Preliminary progress in industry, mine and commerce

Lushunkou District Safety Supervision Bureau has made preliminary progress in all work since the conduction of safety inspection in Dalian. In accordance with division of duties, Lushunkou District Safety Supervision Bureau focused on safety inspection on dangerous chemicals, fireworks, explosive dust, metal smelting, limited space operations, occupational disease prevention, etc. Up to now, 42 problems among the 135 inspected ones in 23 enterprises have been rectified, with a rectification rate of 31 percent.

In accordance with the requirements of safety inspection, Lushunkou District Safety Supervision Bureau will strengthen supervision, management and control, stick to the red line of “safety can never be sacrificed for development”, specify responsibilities with focus on risk management and control, hidden danger identification, and incident prevention, and keep problem oriented by tracking problems found and urging enterprises to make rectification.