The People's Congress of Lushunkou District carries out an (enlarged) Party group study

On August 31, the People's Congress of Lushunkou District carried out an (enlarged) party group study. Huang Jian, Party group secretary and director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress, presided over the study. Yu Huaye, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party group, Liu Baode and Shi Shuping, members of the Party and deputy directors of the Party group, Xu Yan, deputy director of the Party group, directors of Work Committee Office, full-time members and all comrades of the office also participated in the study.

In this event, Ding Xuebo, director of the Standing Committee Office of People's Congress of Lushunkou District, conveyed the inspection feedback from Bai Weixing, leader of the Provincial Inspection Team, and spirits in the speech of Jia Zhen, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Committee, and Yi Qingtao, Secretary of Liaoning Provincial Committee. Huang Jian made a statement on behalf of all members of the Party group first, thenmembers of group made their statements one by one. They decided to set up a " Leading Group of the People's Congress on Rectification and Implementation Work" led by Huang Jian to formulate corrective measures and grasp the implementation of rectification about the rectification work on the inspection feedback of the People's Congress.

Huang Jian required all members of People's Congress of Lushunkou district and offices to improve political awareness, maintain a high level of consistency and enhance the resolution of rectification. Related personnel should be in accordance with unified arrangements and requirements of the district and implement the inspection feedback and the rectification task conscientiously. We need to unify thoughts and actions when organizing the democratic life meeting about inspection of the Party and the rectification, aiming to promote working processes through the inspection and welcome the convening of the the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.