Lushun council for trade promotion takes four measures to facilitate the development of enterprises

Since 2017, Lushun council for trade promotion has taken four measures to further facilitate the development of enterprises.

The first is to seize the strategic opportunity of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and help enterprises “go global”. Under the overall background of weak demand, the markets of countries along the “Belt and Road” have become the new orientation for manufacturing enterprises to expand overseas markets. The district council organized over 50 enterprises including Wanteli Intelligent Equipment (Dalian) Co., Ltd., Dalian Sifangda Railway Traffic Equipment Fittings Co., Ltd. and Robinson (Dalian) General Equipment Co., Ltd. to cooperate with 27 countries and regions such as India, Sri Lanka and Laos. The council has helped enterprises to contact 280 clients and 15 of them have reached cooperative agreement, bringing about 1.35 million US dollars in oversea cooperation and 0.8 million Chinese yuan in domestic cooperation. Currently, many projects are still under negotiation.

The second is to promote the sectors with characteristics and highlight regional advantages. In combination with the industrial structure and enterprises’ actual need in the district, the council set up three major service sectors including “traffic transportation”, “machining” and “cultural and tourism product”. With regard to traffic transportation, the council promoted CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd. and CRRC Qiqihar Co., Ltd. to such commercial institutions as Sri Lanka Association of International Trade and India Association of Silk Road Trade Industry Development and also invited foreign institutions to Lushun for the project of light railway and subway. As for cultural and tourism product, the council led “Hulu Sun Workshop” to attend the traditional technique exhibition of Ara-kawa, Tokyo, Japan. The council organized the exhibition for traditional cultural enterprises’ travel to Japan together with Japan Aichi overseas Chinese Association. Moreover, the council promoted the tourism facilities and products such as pleasure boats of Ada Ship Manufacturing Company to South Pacific countries. As to machining, the council organized 54 industrial enterprises to participate in 19 professional exhibition activities with relatively large scale and influence, such as the 31st China international plastics and rubber industry exhibition, aiming to push forward technological innovation and improve market proportion by participating in the exhibitions.

The third is to consolidate the oversea traditional market and explore emerging markets. Japan has always been the key export country to the enterprises within the district with the commodity exported to Japan accounting for 2/3 of the total export volume. As for Japanese market, the council led 14 enterprises to attend the large-scale exhibition for 5 times and gained quality clients like Solar Accessories and Bosch Corporation. Through the recommendation of Japanese Association for the Promotion of International Trade and the Japan Association of Overseas Chinese, the council organized 12 downstream enterprises within the district to coordinate with 42 upstream enterprises in Japan for purchasing projects, and made the amount of intention on cooperation reach 40 million yuan. Meanwhile, such emerging markets as Sri. Lanka and Iran have also become the hot oversea markets for Dalian Long Yao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. to explore.

The fourth is to establish a platform for domestic and oversea communication and provide personalized service. The council gave full play to the dual role of “government officer and merchant” of officers, offered a bridge for enterprises to expand new clients through the associations concerning trade promotion. The council introduced 57 enterprises including Argentina Hi Tech Factory S.A. and Wuxi Dehua Machinery Co., Ltd. to connect with 62 enterprises in the district, and increased the sales through product packages and direct export. By the end of the year, with 30 enterprises helped in expanding oversea sales, the amount of order contracts is expected to realize 30 million yuan.