Leaders of Ganjingzi district conduct a research on Service Bureau

Recently, Li Lianqiang, deputy head of Ganjingzi district, conducted a research on “wall map work” of Service Bureau. Mr. Li Lianqiang conveyed the spirit of the speech by General Secretary Xi made in the training course for leaders and cadres and stressed on such work as leadership transition discipline observation, typhoon and flood control, environmental protection, stability maintenance, civilized city creation, etc.

Mr. Li listened to the report on the progress of “wall map” by persons in charge of relevant departments and put forward advice and suggestions on projects in service industry, retail sales of social consumption, tourism, construction of people’s livelihood projects, logistic development, etc. He stressed on the following four points. First is to do a good job in publicizing and implementing the spirit of the speech by General Secretary Xi. Second is to combine the normalization and institutionalization of theoretical study to enhance its practicality. Third is to stick to problem orientation, improve mechanism, specify responsibility, and enhance the sense of initiative, correlation, marketing, closed loop, etc. so as to thoroughly promote the implementation of all work. Fourth is to keep thoughts in line with the requirements and arrangement of the district government and do a good job in the creation of civilized cities and the transition of deputies to the NPC and members of CPPCC so as to welcome the opening of the 19th NPC.

Main leaders of Service Bureau required all staff of the bureau to understand the content and essence of the speech by General Secretary Xi, firmly grasp the theme of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firm the belief in self-confidence, and enhance the "four consciousness" under the leadership of the Central Party Committee with Comrade Xi as the core. The “two firm grasps” put forward by General Secretary Xi should be taken as the guiding ideology for promoting overall  work and the development of the district with new concepts, strategies and measures. The progress plan on the “wall map” should be followed.