Urban construction system of Ganjingzi District boosts the National Civilized City construction

Recently, Yuan Jinshan, deputy mayor of Ganjingzi District, led a team to inspect the work of District Construction System on National Civilized City construction, accompanied by main leaders of District Urban Construction Bureau, Law Enforcement Bureau, Traffic Bureau and Civilization Office and leaders of the airport, Zhoushuizi Street, Xinghua Street and Nan Guanling Street.

Yuan Jinshan and his team mainly inspected the implementation of National Civilized City construction in Pearl Plaza, the fence for army construction site in Airport Street,, Ding Shan Park of Zhoushuizi Street, Xing Qiang Community of Xing Hua Street and North Station Square of Nan Guanling Street. They inspected the sites mentioned above according to the standard of national civilized city, searched for deficiencies and solved some difficult problems, thus effectively promoting the construction of National Civilized City. Yuan Jinshan on site urged the relevant departments and streets to take action quickly, promote the deployment and go all out to ensure the completion of the National Civilized City construction.

After the inspection on the sites, Yuan Jin Shan chaired the promotion meeting of District Construction System on National Civilized City construction. He affirmed the hard work of District Construction System and called on all the units to continue to fight for 30 days and complete work of this stage resolutely. In terms of what to do next, Yuan Jinshan highlighted several important points. First, we must  improve the awareness of constructing National Civilized City effectively at the height of politics and overall situation. Second, departments at all levels need to specify responsibilities and check the evaluation criteria with work record.  Third, departments of the construction system need to strengthen the leadership effectively, conduct timely communication and master feedback so as to solve problems quickly and ensure the National Civilized City construction.