Ganjingzi District People’ Congress visits streets in Ganjingzi District to inspect work in city construction

On the afternoon of August 28, the inspection group of Ganjingzi District People’ Congress visited streets in Ganjingzi District to guide the construction work of the civilized city and randomly inspected two communities. Zhao Xin, deputy director of standing committee of Ganjingzi District and leaders of relevant departments and street Party working committees accompanied the inspection group.

Zhao Xing listened to the work report on the recent civilized city construction, inspected the establishment of comprehensive cultural service centers in Ganxin and Guangming communities and fully affirmed the efforts of the streets in city construction. In addition, Zhao also spoke highly of the through train project of Party building with more than 1 million investment, the smooth operation of the comprehensive cultural service center as well as the persistent efforts of community leaders. Relevant leaders carefully inspected the two communities and gave rectification suggestions on such problems as lacking favorable atmosphere and bulletins. Streets expressed that they would rectify relevant problems within the time limit in strict accordance with the requirements of the inspection group. 

Zhao Xin pointed out in his speech that during the key period of constructing Dalian into the national civilized city, relevant departments should make joint efforts to speed up the construction of spiritual civilization, practically improve the civilization degree of citizens and thus make due contributions to civilized city construction.

Since the beginning of the civilized city construction, streets in Ganjingzi District have attached great importance to relevant work, specified responsibilities, improved the accountability system and enhanced comprehensive rectification in surroundings of schools, cultural centers and civilized transportation. In addition, the volunteer service station was launched to call on volunteers to participate in theme activities such as evening party and fire control drill. Meanwhile, over 4000 pieces of publicity materials with socialism core value were distributed to create a favorable atmosphere for civilized city construction.