Leaders of the Municipal Red Cross investigates the work in Ganjingzi Red Cross

In recent days, Yang Jie, executive deputy head of the Municipal Red Cross and Zhu Xiaoxin, secretary general of the Municpal Red Cross led the working group to Ganjingzi District Red Cross for the investigation on the organization construction and the change of office term. Ganjignzi District attached great importance to the investigation and arranged major leaders including Song Cheng, Guan Zhanlong and Li Rongjiu to accompany the investigation team.

After listening to the work report, Yang Jie gave full affirmation to the work proposals of the new administration of Ganjingzi Red Cross. Yang pointed out in his speech that in the new situation, Ganjingzi District Red Cross should seize opportunities and welcome challenges to promote development of Red Cross undertaking in three aspects.

The first is to serve the overall situation and present features. Red Cross is required to be demand-oriented, integrate relevant work with the masses’ needs, spiritual civilization construction, city soft power and quality education of youth and enhance the construction of organization, team and core business.

The second is to highlight key work and overcome difficulties. Efforts should be made to get over the conflicts between lack of staff and high demand for helping the needy. Limited capital and social resources should be integrated to benefit the vulnerable and needy people and ensure training on emergency rescue and humanitarian salvage.

The third is to enhance publicity on good examples. Red Cross is encouraged to transform the regional advantages and economic development advantages of Ganjingzi District to their own ones so as to create characteristic brand effect and play a model role in the Red Cross undertaking across Dalian.  In addition, efforts should be made to enhance publicity on cultural transmission activities and mobilize extensive social participation so as to enhance the popularity and social influence of Red Cross.