Ganjingzi District remakes arrangement for national marine inspection

Ganjingzi District government organized a special meeting on arrangement for national marine inspection on the morning of August 28 in order to practically implement the work requirement of national marine inspection and ensure marine resources control and management and marine ecological protection in Ganjingzi District. The meeting elaborately explained the goal and working procedures of national marine inspection and requirements for material submission. Deputy District Chief Zhao Yunfeng delivered a speech at the meeting which was attended by 14 leaders of member units of the district.



Mr. Zhao Yunfeng said the inspection brings not only a comprehensive examination for marine resources and environmental protection in Ganjingzi District but also guidance from leaders at upper levels. Relevant departments should thoroughly implement the important instructions of the General Secretary Xi on marine work, firmly establish the "four consciousness", and consciously accept the inspection to ensure smooth and effective conduction of marine inspection work.



Mr. Zhao stressed four points for work in the next step. First is to enhance understanding of the inspection which concerns marine economic development, the overall situation of reform and the well-being of future generations. It is important to bear in mind the great significance of the inspection at the height of politics and cooperate with the inspection with a high sense of responsibility and calling. Second is to regard the inspection as an important political task in future with active and effective support form relevant departments Third is to rectify problems pointed out in the central supervision of environmental protection in a scientific and orderly manner, improve operational capability, and stick to the working principle in material submission. Fourth is to strengthen management and supervision of marine space and coastline and enhance ecological environment protection to ensure the practical implementation of decisions on marine resources and environment by CPC Central Committee and State Council.