Secretary of Ganjingzi District Party Committee Song Cheng investigates the work on health and family planning

On the afternoon of August 25, Song Cheng, secretary of Ganjingzi district Party committee conducted an investigation on the work of health and family planning. Song Cheng and his parties came to such places as Xinzhaizi community health service center, Ganjingzi district center for disease control and prevention and district people’s hospital for an on-site investigation. Deputy district mayor Li Rongjiu, and related persons from office of district Party committee participated in the investigation. The main persons in charge of district health and family planning bureau reported the work in the form of wall map.



Song Cheng spoke highly of the work on health and family planning in the district. He noted that it is important to fully promote the medical and health system reform in an in-depth manner, establish the concept of big data and improve work ability to boost the development of Ganjingzi district. First is to firmly keep in mind the concept of common health, learn earnestly the spirit of Xi Jinping in his speech on health, put the requirement of “people orientation and health center” on a more prominent place and focus on the implementation of health work with innovative mind so as to promote the health cause to a new level. Second is to strive to improve the work efficiency and quality by conducting more researches on mass demand and innovating the work methods and concepts. Besides, efforts should be made to expand the coverage of community health service, material and child hygiene and disease control. The community health service institutions and hospitals in the district should be developed in an integrated manner and the medical resources should be allocated in a scientific way. We should rely on the current resources and focus on resource integration while innovating on the law enforcement methods, so as to serve the construction of favorable business environment. Third, we should enhance the awareness of reform of medical and health system. In accordance with the deployment of central and provincial Party committee, we should push forward the reform tasks as scheduled. Currently, the work on cancellation of drug markup and adjustment of fee structure should be handled well to ensure the social stability. We should also take advantage of market resources, enhance the investigation on market demand, conduct research on common health and medical treatment through big data, and take the lead in “medical plus Party building”.



As for the next step, Li Rongjiu required that first to specify all tasks in Guideline for 2030 Healthy Ganjingzi District and Action Plan for the Construction of Healthy Ganjingzi District (2017-2020) and set up specific goals. Besides, efforts should be made to study the big data and common health based on the district reality, complete the tasks in public hospital reform and intensify the medical and health system reform to improve the medical service level.