Ganjingzi district holds the work conference on personnel arrangement for the 9th district CPPCC members

In order to ensure that the transition work could go efficiently, Ganjingzi district held the work conference on personnel arrangement for the 9th district CPPCC members. Guan Zhanlong, member of district standing committee and head of united front work department attended the meeting and delivered a speech.



At the meeting, according to the transition procedures, the united front work department of the district Party committee made work deployment on recommendation procedure, review process and opinion solicitation, and explained in detail the work concerning non-public comprehensive evaluation. The meeting also issued relevant materials on transition work.



Guan Zhanlong pointed out in his speech that the transition work is of great significance in the district’s political life and the personnel arrangement serves as the central task. Thus, the personnel arrangement in transition work plays a vital role in enhancing the construction of socialist democratic politics, giving play to the advantages of united front and improving the vigor of organizations. Relevant entities, departments and personnel should enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to complete this major political task.



As for the work in the next step, Guan Zhanlong required that first is to improve the ideological position, stick to political red line and the bottom line of discipline and ensure the practical work style of the transition. Second, efforts should be made to make overall plans, strictly control the recruitment, evaluation and process and ensure the transition work goes in a right way. Third is to conduct elaborate organizations, intensify communication and coordination and ensure the orderly going of transition, so as to realize the overall rejuvenation of the district.