Dalian Housing Fund Administration Center holds a special training on work confidentiality

In order to improve the staff’s awareness of confidentiality and ability of secrecy skills, Dalian Housing Fund Administration Center held a special training on work confidentiality and invited Wang Tongfu, general department head of Dalian Secrecy Administration Bureau to give lectures on August 15. A total of 130 attendees including members of leading group and office of secrecy administration, staff in the position concerning state secret and related cadres attended the training. Li Xin presided over the meeting.



Wang Tongfu has been engaged in secrecy work for many years with rich professional knowledge and teaching experience, organizing the publicity on mass confidentiality and the education on cadres, leaders, key secret-related personnel and public servants. He gave a vivid lecture on secrecy with specific contents and cases, which greatly helped cadres and secrecy-related personnel improve their skills and awareness of confidentiality. All attendees expressed that they benefited a lot.



Li Xin raised requirements on behalf of the leader group, hoping that all cadres and staff could master the lecture contents in a comprehensive manner, improve their job skills, enhance the awareness of responsibility and ensure the secrecy work in place.