Zhonghualu Street holds a promotional meeting on checking and rectifying hidden troubles

According to the third-quarter working arrangement conducted by Security Commission of Ganjingzi district as well as the spirit of the Notification of Printing and Distributing the Working Plan on Checking and Rectifying Hidden Troubles by the Security Production Committee of Ganjingzi District People’s Government, Zhonghualu Street held a promotional meeting on checking and rectifying hidden troubles a few days ago. 180 persons in charge, from all offices of the street, local police stations, market supervision and management offices, the detachment of fire protection office, all communities and enterprises, attended the meeting.



During the meeting, Zhonghualu Street signed Working Responsibilities on the Comprehensive Rectification of Fire Protection of High-Rise Buildings with 23 enterprises. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the conference held by Security Commission of Ganjingzi district and deployed the specific contents and methods of the rectification.



The meeting proposed several requirements on the following work. First, the rectification and checking work of hidden troubles should be further carried out with unified thoughts and promoted management, aiming to eliminate accidents and problems in uttermost degree. Second, the inspection work should be carried out strictly. Methods and targets will be clarified through the responsibility system of rectification of safety production The uncooperative enterprises will be punished without hesitation. Third, all enterprises should enhance the safety production and fire protection of high-rise buildings and gain practical effects in checking and rectifying hidden troubles. Fourth, entity responsibilities of all enterprises should be implemented. The rectification should be viewed as an opportunity to carry out self-examination and self-rectification and reinforce its strength to maintain the stability of safety production till the end of this year.