Jiaojinshan Street carries out the political examination of conscription

In order to complete the political examination of conscription in 2017 with high standard and select excellent young people for troops, Jiaojinshan Street has taken various methods to promote the political examination.



Jiaojinshan has put forward strict deployment and requirements. A leading group, led by the minister of People’s Armed Forces Department, has been set up to organize the political examination of conscription. The group has held a special working conference on political examination of conscription to clarify the importance and reinforce methods and requirements so that the political examinationcan of new recruits will be completed in an orderly, unified and efficient way.



The political examination has been carried out strictly. The minister of People’s Armed Forces Department has communicated with new recruits one by one and face to face to know about their real thoughts and confidence and their guardians’ attitudes. At the same time, the staff has investigated new recruits’ practical behaviors at their living places to guarantee the authenticity of the examination materials.



The models have been set up to strengthen new recruits’ faith. The People’s Armed Forces Department has released copies of Young as We Are, We Join the Army without Regret to new recruits. The book recorded a number of excellent deeds of young recruits of Jiaojinshan over the past few years, which has left a deep impression on new recruits and strengthened their faith to join the army.



With enhanced supervision responsibilities, Jiaojinshan Street has adhered to the principle of publicity, equity and honesty to conduct political examination. Excellent young recruits will be selected and sent to troops constantly so as to ensure the quality.