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Market supervision bureau of Ganjingzi district initiates “1+2+3” working mode to promote the construction of national civilized city

Since Ganjingzi district conducted the construction of national civilized city, the market supervision bureau has set up the consciousness of overall situation and responsibility, focused on problem and target orientation, and strengthened leadership, responsibilities and measures. The whole bureau has unified efforts and concentration to carry forward relevant work on a war footing and thus achieved remarkable goals. 1557 entities have been inspected till August 18, including 1426 concerning food and beverages, 159 supermarkets and 845 pieces of LED screens. 272 problems have been found and 267 of them have been rectified and reformed.


The responsibility of supervision should be implemented. First, the leadership should be enhanced. Leading groups with main leaders as groups’ leaders and directors as groups’ vice leaders will be established. The deployment on the construction of national civilized city and 3 special meetings will be carried out to deploy work, conduct analysis and evaluation, find problems and take measures, aiming at promoting implementation effectively. Second, responsibilities should be assigned clearly. According to the Tasks Division Chart of Ganjingzi District’s Construction of National Civilized City, the Market Supervision Bureau’s Working Plan of the 5th Construction of National Civilized City will be established. 3 aspects of relative work, including regulation of food and beverages industries, management of market and supermarkets and propaganda of nonprofit cases on LED screens. Third, the grass-root supervision strength should be improved. Barriers among entities will be cleared away. 18 staff members from 13 administrative offices of the bureau will be assigned to 16 market supervision offices. They will further eliminate problems with grass-root staff and strengthen law enforcement. Fourth, the daily report system should be set up. The Party committee of the bureau will timely summarize supervision conditions of all offices, analyze reasons and put forward suggestions, which will provide references to market supervision bureaus in the form of notification.


“2”modes should be adopted. First, overall supervision and rectification will be carried out. 16 market supervision offices will focus on supermarkets, agricultural products markets, main business blocks and restaurants to examine their business licenses, invoices, disinfection records, propaganda of nonprofit cases on LED screens, and surrounding environment. The entities will be urged to resolve the problems as quickly as possible. Second, the comprehensive supervision will be implemented. 6 comprehensive supervision groups will be established. They will conduct high-frequency random examines on market entities. As for existing problems in entities, the groups will contact local market supervision offices and supervise and guide them to rectify and reform. At the same time, the groups will reexamine regions with more problems to make sure the implementation of rectification.


“3” measures should be taken. First, the hierarchical and classified supervision will be carried out. According to the comprehensive assessment of restaurants on such aspects as rectification, daily examination, random inspection, administrative penalty and complaint, the entities of food and beverages will be supervised through the hierarchical and classified system. The administration will intensify efforts in supervision on the entities with low food security level, high risk, bad integrity and weak regulation to eliminate potential problems. Second, the education and guidance will be enhanced. 20 thousand pieces of Notification on the 5th Construction of National Civilized City Mapped out by Market Supervision Bureau will be distributed to all restaurants, market organizers and supermarkets. That is what the bureau does to give full play to the entities in guidance and responsibilities implementation. The customers will be taught positive eating habits to shape a civilized and thrifty dinning environment. Third, the conduction role of associations will be developed. The connection and conduction roles of industrial associations, including private associations, catering associations and quality associations, will be exercised. Relevant policies and regulations on the construction of national civilized city will be propagandized. Industrial self-examination will be carried out. The consciousness of responsibility and civilized business will be enhanced to promote industrial self-discipline level.