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Yingchengzi Street takes many initiatives to fully implement the fire safety management of high-rise buildings

In order to carry out the requirements of The Regional High-rise Fire Safety Management Program made by Fire Safety Committee of Ganjingzi District, implement the responsibility for fire safety management of high-rises in the streets and prevent serious fire accident, on the morning of August 24, Yingchengzi Street held a special meeting to deploy fire safety management work .



The Street takes many initiatives to ensure the effective implementation of the fire safety management work. First, the leadership should be strengthened and a special leading group should be established. Main leaders of the Street take charge of group leaders. Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Commission, deputy director and head of Street units take charge of deputy group leaders. Related departments of the street, community committees and heads of the property companies are the group members. The related personnel mentioned above will take the overall responsibility for this special governance work. Second, the villages, communities and property companies are required to carry out  self-examination on the fire hazard immediately, keep a register of every building and every hidden hazard, establish and complete the high-rise accounts, in order to know the information clearly. Third, a sound responsibility mechanism needs to be established. The Street Security Committee of will carry out inspections on the units and departments irregularly. If there were any undetected hazards, insufficient rectification and other problems, related departments will be severely punished.



Furthermore, Yingchengzi Street will actively carry out publicity and training program on fire safety to promote common senses of enterprises and the masses about high-rises fire escape knowledge, fire emergency evacuation, fire hazards and so on, which will comprehensively improve the awareness of fire safety.